a Specialized Premium Quality Weather Prediction Service for the Film Industry

by the Highly Experienced Meteorologists and Climatologists of




Providers of weather forecast support to:

   The Academy Awards                The Super Bowl                             Disneyland California Adventure                The Presidential Inauguration

   The Daytime Emmys                         The Rose Parade                    Disneyland Entertainment & Events            The Democratic National Convention

   Screen Actors Guild Awards       The Rose Bowl                        Walt Disney World                                       NFL Thanksgiving Halftime

    Science Technology Awards      Other College Bowls               Epcot Theme Park                                          New York Times Square New Year's Eve

    BCS Championship Game          The NFL Kickoffs                     Las Vegas Motor Speedway                        The Kennedy Centre Honors

    The Poinsettia Bowl                    Boston 4th of July                   Miss America Pageant                                 Christmas in Washington

    as well as a southern Louisiana fishing tournament, The Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic

plus numerous major feature films - produced abroad, such as:

   Rambo  IV (Thailand)                                                                         Vantage Point  (Mexico)

   The Incredible Hulk  (Brazil)                                                                Narnia: The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe  (Czech Republic and Poland)

   Narnia: Prince Caspian  (Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia)      Hidalgo  (Morocco)

   Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Tree  (Czech Republic, Poland)              The Matador  (Mexico)

   Beverly Hills Chihuahua  (Mexico)                                                      The  Life of Pi (Taiwan and India)

   The Dark Fields  (Mexico)                                                              

in addition to many films produced in the United States, including:

   Get Low                                      Seabiscuit                                   The Rookie                                    Cheer Up

   Fireflies in the Garden                 Collateral                                     Double Jeopardy                           Stuart Little

   The Game Plan                            The Scorpion King                      The Alamo                                     The Truman Show

   Superman:  Man of Steel              Brothers and Sisters                    Blue Moon                

plus the television series True Blood, Hung, and Magic City, plus various television pilots, including Bird Dog.

and many other feature films, television shows, commercials, and major media events, plus specialized daily forecasts and seasonal outlooks for Coachella Valley Water District, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Syndicate Photos Production, Browning Ferris Industries, roofing and construction companies, paving and grading companies, concrete and excavating companies, wineries, and agriculture.


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Specialized Weather Forecasts for Film Production Companies and Major Media Events


Tailored to production schedules.



1- to 2-hour breakdowns of rain, wind, clouds,

    temperature, and other weather elements.

Extended outlooks many days in advance.

Telephone discussions with live forecasters.

Free updates for changing weather conditions.

American Weather & Hydrology, LLC offers a variety of meteorological and climatological services, including forensic discovery and expert witness testimony, to the film production industry, as well as to construction and roofing, paving and grading, concrete, excavating, other industries, agriculture, wineries, government, the legal and insurance professions, education, the business community, the media, and the public. Our rates are reasonable and competitive, and we offer discounts for large-volume business.


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